Assignment #1 Task #2

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Your calculator already works with floating point numbers (e.g. if you touch the buttons 3 Enter 4 / it will properly show the resulting value of 0.75), however, there is no way for the user to enter a floating point number. Remedy this. Allow only legal floating point numbers to be entered (e.g. “” is not a legal floating point number). Don’t worry too much about precision in this assignment.

Add an additional button on the left hand side of the zero button, by copying one of the number buttons. Add a new property userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringAFloat to CalculatorViewController.m, synthesize it and adjust the digitPressed andenterPressed functions:

- (IBAction)digitPressed:(UIButton *)sender
    NSString *digit = sender.currentTitle;
    if (self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringANumber) {
        if ([digit isEqualToString:@"."]) {
            if (self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringAFloat) digit = @"";
            self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringAFloat = YES;
        self.display.text = [self.display.text stringByAppendingString:digit];
    } else {
        if ([digit isEqualToString:@"."]) {
            digit = @"0.";
            self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringAFloat = YES;
        self.display.text = digit;
        self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringANumber = YES;

- (IBAction)enterPressed {
    [self.brain pushOperand:[self.display.text doubleValue]];
    self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringANumber = NO;
    self.userIsInTheMiddleOfEnteringAFloat = NO;

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