Assignment #4 Task #1

Please note, this blog entry is from a previous course. You might want to check out the current one.

The forth assignment creates a new application that presents a list of popular Flickr photo spots – a tab-based application to let users browse the most popular places on Flickr and watch photos taken there.

Use the provided FlickrFetcher class method topPlaces to get an array of the most popular Flickr photo spots in the last day or so. It is an array of NSDictionarys which contain information about each place.

Start by creating a new universal app: File -> New -> Project… -> Single View Application

Add the provided FlickrFetcher class to the project and set your Flickr API key (which you can obtain for free) in FlickrAPIKey.h.

To test if the Flickr API is wired up correctly and because we have not yet setup the table views for the future tasks, we just as small piece of code to viewDidLoad of TopPlacesViewController.m (don’t forget to include FlickrFetcher.h):

NSArray *places = [FlickrFetcher topPlaces];
NSLog(@"topPlaces: %@", places);

The complete code for this task is available at github.


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