cs193p – Lecture #1 – Course Overview and Introduction to iOS, Xcode, and Swift

Screenshot iTunes U - cs193p - String 2016

Please note, this blog entry is from a previous course. You might want to check out the current one.

The cs193p course has started a new edition #Spring2016 featuring iOS 9.

Like every year lecture #1 is an general introduction of the course with an overview about iOS, MVC and a life demonstration of creating a calculator app.

The lecture as well as its slides are available via iTunes named “Course Overview and Introduction to iOS, Xcode, and Swift”. The code for the demo is available on GitHub.


3 thoughts on “cs193p – Lecture #1 – Course Overview and Introduction to iOS, Xcode, and Swift”

  1. Hello, Martin,
    First, thanks you very much for your efforts and solutions.
    It helps really a lot the ones who are following CS193P through iTunes.
    It is already great that way, but there are sometimes some frustrations not to have a direct link with the informations (like Plazza) that Stanford Students can access.
    Fortunately, your site is there to compensate!
    By the way, have you had time for the following CS193P assignments?
    Thanks again,

      1. Definitely looking forward to your solutions! Been about four years since I took this course before, and your solutions were essential to my progress. I hope you find the time soon as I’m retaking it now to catchup after a hiatus.

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