Friday Session #7: Smule

Please note, this blog entry is from a previous course. You might want to check out the current one.

This weeks Friday session presents Smule, a company specialized in developing social music applications. It can be found on iTunes titled “Smule (November 18, 2011)”.

The lecturer is Ge Wang, assistant professor at the center of computer research in music and acoustics at Stanford and co-founder of Smule. He starts by introducing how music is generated on music, e.g. ChucK an audo programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, performance and analysis; its usage in laptop orchestras, e.g. Slork and Plork; and emphasizes how it can be applied on the iPhone to create social music experience, e.g. Ocarina a digital flute, Sing! and Glee Karaoke karaoke machines allowing to sing with other people online, Magic Piano and Magic Guitar further digital instruments.


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