iOS 7 & Xcode 5

It’s September 18th, iOS 7 should hit the update servers any minute, as well as Xcode 5.

iOS 7 brings a lot of changes, what does that mean for your app?

As app developer you have definitely will have downloaded at least one of the preview versions of Xcode 5 and starting one of your apps entered panic mode immediately. When you actually were able to build against iOS 7, your app will have looked quite differently from what it used to.

Does that mean you have to update your code and publish an update together with the release of iOS 7?

Nope, it just means when you are going to submit an update of your app which is built for iOS 7, you will most likely need to update your layout and tweak your code. As long as you do not plan update, you do not need to worry, your app will look and function as before.

To be sure update your test devices to iOS 7 and run your previously build app (e.g. the version which is currently in the app store).

What needs to be updated for iOS 7?

The iOS Dev center hold an excellent guide on what to do. Read it, follow it, voila.

You might want to consider using different storyboards for your iOS …

… but after all don’t panic!

Note, the eaGeier works perfectly with iOS 7 devices – so I hope none of the users finds out otherwise 😉