Xcode 4.4

Xcode has been updated to version 4.4.1 for Lion and Mountain Lion and is now available at the Mac App Store:

  • The compiler automatically calls @synthesize by default for unimplemented @properties.
  • For the NSArray and NSDictionary classes, support is provided for Objective-C literals.
  • Subscripting using '[ ]' syntax is supported for Objective-C container objects.
  • Compatibility with the C++11 standard is improved.
  • New static analyzer checks for common security mistakes in API and malloc usages.
  • The caller and callee for selected methods can be displayed in the Assistant Editor.
  • Code completion is enhanced with QuickHelp.
  • Scene Kit is supported with a viewer-editor for 3D document files.
  • Improved localization workflow uses base language .xib files.
  • Git supports staging of individual changes.

A more detailed description can be found at “What’s new in Xcode” or in the Xcode Release Notes.


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